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Behavior Consultant FAQ

Why certify animal behavior consultants?

Establishing a credentialing program enhances the reputation of a profession. A certification program is not an endorsement of an individual by the organization, but it signifies to those seeking to use the professional that the professional has sought out a credentialing program and has passed the credential's requirements. Certification is voluntary, unlike licensing which is required for professions such as physicians, nurses, and psychologists.

What information is tested?

Eligibility requirements are detailed in the Candidate Handbook. The knowledge assessed (-KA) behavior certification exam was designed to assess the knowledge deemed necessary by animal behavior experts for an animal behavior consultant. The test questions are in multiple choice format, which is the most frequently used in examinations to validate a candidate's competence to perform the work of the profession, and are based on the general knowledge of animal behavior and application of those techniques. The examinations are changed periodically and are reviewed with a psychometrician prior to being released for the testing period.

Will exceptions be made to allow testing at other facilities?

Testing at other facilities and setup of new test sites can be made under certain conditions. Exceptions/modifications are also allowed for those with demonstrated need. Details are outlined in the Candidate Handbook.

Can an applicant become certified without taking the examination?

No. The certification process is a standardized program specifically designed for fair treatment of all candidates. The only way to ensure the integrity of this standardized process is to require that all candidates are assessed equally.

When are the tests given?

The behavior examination is offered every summer and winter.

May CEUs earned in excess be carried forward to the next recertification period?

No. One of the requirements and objectives of certification is for behavior consultants to remain current on new research and behavior modification techniques.

What is the passing score for the behavior examination?

The examination is graded as Pass or Fail only. The CBCC-KA examination consists of 180 multiple-choice questions, with 4 responses, only one of which is correct. The passing score can be found in the Handbook for Candidates.  The method used to set the passing score for the examinations are in accordance with the standard criterion-referenced passing score standards. The passing score is set by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers using generally accepted psychometric principles and methods to determine what constitutes a competent animal behavior professional. Each candidate is measured against a standard, not against the performance of other individuals taking the examination.

How many people have taken the test?

As of November 2014, 145 candidates have taken the CBCC-KA examination.

What is the pass/fail rate?

As of November 2014, the cumulative pass rate is 60%.

How many certified behavior consultants are there?

As of November 1, 2014, there are 97 CBCC-KAs worldwide.  (Ten (10) were granted the designation for their work on the examination including taking the exam as part of the validation process.)снять webmoneyperfect world деньги